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Coolant Flush

  • 45 hr
  • Call: 510-490-8883
  • 43177 Osgood Road

Service Description

Coolant Flush Service $120 & Up. Flushing a car's radiator is a procedure that helps make sure the cooling system works smoothly at all times, as it eliminates the dirt, rust, and various harmful particles that build up inside the system over time. If the radiator fluid, a 50/50 mix of distilled water and antifreeze, becomes too contaminated, it won't be able to efficiently cool the engine while running. In the winter, it can fail to prevent a freeze-up while the car is not running, which would cause serious and sometimes irreparable damage to the engine (such as a cracked block or head). Additionally, if the coolant is not changed on time, it starts losing its anti-corrosion capabilities, which can result in deterioration of the various metals that the engine is composed of, including aluminum, steel, and copper, among others. An excessive buildup of scale and corrosion in the system can clog small passages in the radiator, water pump, and the engine's water jackets, and can even begin to build up in the heater core.

Contact Details

  • 43177 Osgood Road, Fremont, CA 94539, USA

    + (510)490-8883

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