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30K MILES Service/Maintenance

Normal Service 30,000 Miles or 48,000 KM, $280 & Up.

  • 3 hr
  • Call: 510-490-8883
  • 43177 Osgood Road

Service Description

Perform the Following Services: • Change Engine Oil & Filter (Up to 5qts Synthetic or Synthetic Blend, whichever applies.) • Reset Maintenance Reminder System • Rotate Four Tires • Check & Adjust Tire Inflation Pressure (Including Spare) • Lubricate Door & Hood Hinges (if necessary). • Lubricate Propeller Shaft & Re-Torque Propeller Shaft Bolts (4WD) (if applicable). • Lubricate Drive Shaft Bushings (if applicable). • Lubricate Steering Knuckle (if applicable). • Replacement Of Engine Air Intake Filter. > Replace Cabin Air Filter (ACC FIlter). > Service Transmission, On Condition Base (Drain & Refill, Flushing is additional). • Cleaning Of Occupant Air Purification Inspect the Following: • Tires for unusual wear or damage, brake linings and drums, brake pads & discs. • All lights - interior and exterior, Ball Joints and dust covers, Brake lines & Hoses. • Drive shaft boots, Exhaust Pipes & Mountings. • Differential Oil (Front & Rear As Equipped) Steering Gear Box, Linkage and Boots. • Transfer case oil, External Accessory Drive Belts, Parking Brake linings & Drums. • Fuel lines & connections. • Inspect coolant and steering lines and hoses. Check Fluid Level (Add If Necessary): • Transmission, Coolant, Brakes, Power Steering, Windshield Washer

Contact Details

  • 43177 Osgood Road, Fremont, CA 94539, USA

    + (510)490-8883

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